"EC Mouldings brings environmentally friendly mouldings to Europe"

The quality policy expresses our commitment to achieve total customer satisfaction by:

1. Meet and exceed industry standards and expectations,

2. Continuously learning and improving our technologies, products, processes and services,

3. Working in a team environment involving in continual process improvement.

Our partner E-Wood Moulding (Malaysia) is a MS ISO 9001:2008 certified company and we are committed in providing excellent and consistent quality finishes mouldings.

From raw material selection to finished goods packing, we have defined stringent requirements in every step and also ensure the products are being produced in compliance to the specifications and protocol defined.

Gifted by the excellent weather in Malaysia vital for the growth of good quality timber, we ensure durian timber we purchase are legally logged and from orchards and plantations. Treatment to the timber is a must and our timbers are dried in the state of the art kiln dry facility.

Quality of incoming raw material is being monitored and assured of meeting the specifications outlined to our suppliers. Only materials that have passed the incoming quality assurance are being released into the store. Supplier Quality Management are considered a vital part of our Quality Management System where we continually working with them to identify opportunities and improve quality of the raw materials.

We believe in building the quality into the products at various stages of the manufacturing process rather than inspecting the quality out from the finished good. Therefore, effective in process monitoring procedures are being implemented in our manufacturing processes to cultivate our culture of control and improve product quality at source. 

Final inspection is also being performed at the end of production process to provide an additional gate to screen out the potential escapee from the in-process quality checks. A vital ingredient in our success is a team of well trained and dedicated employees. These employees are trained and certified before being placed in production positions and they will be reassessed on a yearly basis. It is our company policy to equip employees with all the knowledge and capabilities to achieve quality in everything they do.